Jul 29, 2010

Korea Quick Poll - Would you be willing to getting married to foreigner?

From Korea - Here is the result of the quick poll we conducted on July 24th 2010. The topic was 'International marriage'

Total respondents: 1765

Question: Would you be willing to getting married to foreigner?(single answer)

Answers: Yes - 45.67%  No - 54.33%

The ratio of 'No' is slightly higher. most of panels who answered 'No' said that "It is hard to understand different culture, language, and value system." On the other hand, most of the panels who answered 'Yes' said "With their beloved person, cultural difference doesn't matter."

Korea is a homogeneous society with absolute majority of the population of Korean ethnicity for a long time.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_South_Korea#Ethnic_groups) It is said that this might be a reason why Koreans tend to be conservative about accepting different cultures.

According to National Statistics Office, however, the ratio of international marriage increased dramatically from Y2000. International marriage is now accounted for about 10 percent of the total number of marriages in Y2009.

This is considerably related to rapid social changes in Korea. As one back ground of this phenomenon, economic development which started from 90s is pointed. It enables more Korean women to reach high education level, and to participate in the workplace. It delays woman's marriage and have some women set a higher standard towards marriage. As a result, it is reported that it is hard to get married domestically  and males start to see the overseas.

This is an interesting figure that might be an evidence of Korean society opens up themselves to other cultures more and more recently. Now you can see many foreigners on the streets in Seoul for business, travel, residence, etc. As a part of the global society, Korea has been changed to the society that respects the value of 'diversity'.

Jul 23, 2010

Korea Quick Poll - What kinds of movie do you like the most?

From Korea - Here is the result of the quick poll we conducted on July 17 2010. The topic was about the film genre people like.

Total respondents: 1,873

Question: What kinds of movie do you like the most?(single answer)

What kind of movie do you like the most?
Action    28.24%
Comedy  21.09%
Romance  13.88%
Thriller  11.00%
Drama  8.92%
Horror  6.67%
Animation  5.18%
Others  5.02%

Almost one third of the respondents chose Action as a favorite movie genre followed by Comedy(21.09%) and Romance(13.88%). Animation(5.18%) gains almost  as many votes as Horror(6.67%).

In Korea, Screen quotas system(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_quotas) has been executed since 1967, to protect and develop the Korean film making business. Currently, it is enforced that the theaters need to run at least 73 screening day per year of Korean movies. In 2006, Korea has recorded a total of 54.7 million of movie theater attendance(cf. the population of Korea is 48.3 milion).

What is your favorite film genre? Do you like to warm up your heart with sweet romance or get the shakes with horror? Bring some popcorn and enjoy your summer vacation with enjoyable movies!

Jul 22, 2010

Japan Quick Poll - Which shaved ice syrup do you like the best?

From Japan - Here is the result of the quick poll we conducted during July 19 - July 20, 2010. The topic was about the Japanese favorite shaved ice syrup.

Total respondents: 118,470

Question: Which shaved ice syrup do you like the best?(single answer)


  • Condensed milk:       28.1%
  • Strawberry:             27.7%
  • Green tea:              11.8%
  • Others:                   28.8%
  • Don't like shaved ice:  3.6%

The Japan Meteorological Agency announced the end of the rainy season, and the hot humid summer season started. In Ibaraki prefecture, it recorded a high of 38.9 degrees Celsius on July 21. It was reported that some people were suffered by heatstroke.

Shaved ice is a popular item for Japanese to cool down in the hot humid summer season. In a typical Japanese summer festival called "Matsuri", you can see a lot of food stands selling shaved ice with kids enjoying a cup of ice covered by a variety of colorful syrups.

This survey shows that only 3.6% of those answered don't like shaved ice. Condensed milk was the most favorite because of its soft and mellow sweet, and many who selected this seem to enjoy it mixed with strawberry syrup, green tea syrup and bean paste as per their comments posted to the survey.

Bean paste is a traditional Japanese sweet from the ancient time and it is still one of the most favorite of this age. Power of tradition is really strong.

Jul 15, 2010

Japan, China, Korea Quick Poll -What do you think about the economic situation in your country for next year?

From Japan, China and Korea - Here is the result of the quick poll we ran during Jun 25-July 9, 2010. The topic was about the prediction of economy.

Total respondents: 129,499 (JAPAN 117,852 / KOREA 1,654 / CHINA 9,993)
Question: What do you think about the economic situation in your country for next year?(SA)

*JAPAN  7/9/2010
  Very positive 1.2%
  Positive 8.2%
  Neutral  32.5%
  Negative  42.5%
  Very negative  15.6%

*CHINA 6/25/2010
  Very positive 15.80%
  Positive  34.60%
  Neutral 38.9%
  Negative 7.2%
  Very negative 3.50%

 *KOREA 7/5/2010
  Very positive 8.22%
  Positive 26.72%
  Neutral 40.57%
  Negative  21.34%
  Very negative 3.14%

In Japan, majority of people predict the economic will be gloomy, while only 1 out of 10 people in China think that their economic situation will slow down in the next year. In Korea, "Neutral" shows the highest rate(40.57%) and we can see that generally, people anticipate Korean economy relatively in an optimistic way.

China enjoys its economic growth most among three countries, and people think that the market will be bigger and bigger. In Korea, it's said by the media that their economy is getting better, though from the result of this poll, one quarter of people doubt it. Seeing from the comments in Japan, people are anxious about the influence of the economic crisis occurred in Greece, and the too-high value of yen.

What do you think about this result? In both good or bad way these three countries will surely get more and more attention from the world at least throughout this year!

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Jul 1, 2010

KOREA QUICK POLL - What do you usually do on weekend?

From KOREA - Here is the result of the quick poll on June 27~29, 2010. Topic was about the usual way to spend a weekend.

Total answerers : 4,590
Question:What do you usually do on weekends?(SA)
just staying home  27.9%
seeing movies or performances  20.2%
enjoy sports &PC game  12.0%
social gathering with friends and the family  9.7%
short trip  7.5%
shopping  6.4%
religious activity  5.4%
learning/studying 3.9%
other 7.0%

27.9% of the respondents voted that they just stay at home on weekends. They said it is the best way to relax and rest up for the next weekdays. They also enjoy watching TV and doing online games.
Many Koreans like doing online games. One of the most popular games is "Nexon:Kartrider" and "Pmang:gostop".

Kartrider is a go-kart game. It is popular among all ages, especially among children.

gostop is a type of a Japanese playing card game of "flower cards". It is popular among the 30's-60's.

In addition to the examples above, there are many popular online games in Korea. If you're interested in Korean language, you may want to give it a try to play these games!