Mar 28, 2011

Approach the kids market correctly - Running online research in Asia : 4

< Unstoppable lowering birthrate, aging society >
< Popularization of much higher education >
< "Parachute kids" booming - tween aged kids to start studying abroad >

These are some keywords relating to the children market and its real trend in the three now developed, main countries of Asia - Japan, China, South Korea.

Seeing various research conducted by our clients that seems to catch this wave and opposed to that, well, to be frank those that are "not following" this reality as well, we realize how the scene and situation in Asia is still an incomprehensible market especially in this category of kids and teens.

To be specific the major categories we see demand in this age group are definitely entertainment and education. While there are increasing amount of direct kids surveys and kids/parent pair surveys from our global clients, we strongly encourage to consider the following points.

1. Please make sure to clarify that the survey is for children, not the intial recipient. This note tends to be skipped, but remember that we are not able to send out directly to the kids, and by lack of the note our clients encounter massive amount of inintended screen outs.

2. Please expect there would be drop outs due to passing on from parents to kids. This cannot be helped as this method is the closest we could get to to approach kids on online surveys.

3. Please make sure to have the questionnaire translated into child-friendly language manner. For instance in Japanese, there are roughly two types of letters - Kanji(complicated Chinese characters) and hiragana/katanakana(simple syllabary characters). Kids start to learn Kanji from elementary school so do factor this into account.

According to our past feedback from various clients, we are very confident with our kids/teen survey data quality, however we'd really need our clients to work together in order to maintain the accuaracy.

Mar 15, 2011

Announcement in regards to the re-start of sampling in Japan

Thank you very much for all your support and understanding to the difficult situation on-going in Japan.

We'd like to announce that we will re-start sending invites to our Japanese panel from today - Tuesday, March 15th JST.

However, for the mainly afflicted areas as follows we will refrain from sending out any invitations until we are able to confirm that the situation is settled down to normal. This is in accordance with the official determination of the national research association.
  • Aomori Prefecture
  • Iwate Prefecture
  • Miyagi Prefecture
  • Akita Prefecture
  • Yamagata Prefecture
  • Fukushima Prefecture
  • Ibaraki Prefecture

For concerns or questions on any point with this arrangement, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
Again we truly appreciate your continuous consideration given and to the understanding. 

Mar 14, 2011

Second announcement due to the earthquake disaster in Japan

It has been three days since the massive earthquake hit the Tohoku region of Japan, however yet now, Japan is still facing threat of aftershocks and other secondary disasters caused by them.

Considering the situation, we have decided to hold from sending any invitation to our panelists in Japan today, Monday, March 14. Future policies of survey delivers will be determined among the marketing research industry of Japan, and we will make sure to send out an update for anything moving forward.

Our pricing and project management in the Philippines are operating as usual (24H for pricing/ 9AM-9PM JST for PM) and there will be no negative impact on the projects of other Asian countries we cover.

If you have any concerns or questions on any point, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Thank you so much for your understanding, and we truly hope things will settle down soon to focus in recovering of Japan.

Mar 11, 2011

Announcement due to the earthquake disaster in Japan

As been reported, a massive earthquake hit the Tohoku region of Japan on Friday, March 11th afternoon local time. As of now yet, the whole country including the Tokyo metropolitan area is under threat of continuous aftershocks and Tsunami caused by them.
However first we would like our clients and partners to know that we have confirmed the safety of all our staffs now based in our Tokyo Headquarter office.

We are still trying to get a handle of the situation, but in regards to the assumed impact to our services, we do need to make it clear that there is a very high possibility of delaying in progress of any projects now in field or those scheduled to be launched soon. In respect to our panelists and considering the situation, we will be holding from sending out any new survey invitations at least for the weekend, and for the policies from next Monday we will be determining according to the circumstances.

Our pricing team and project management team in Manila, Philippines will be operating from Monday as usual, and we'd like to assure that there will be no negative impact to the projects of other Asian countries we cover (including our proprietary panel in China and South Korea). 

Whenever we have further update in the situation of Japan, we will make sure to announce again. For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

We truly appreciate all your kind consideration given and thank you for your understanding.