Jan 23, 2011

We are your Around-the-Clock Partner!

Without a doubt, Asia is one of the fastest growing regions in the world.
But because of the time difference, working with Asian partners can be sometimes troublesome. Imagine that you send an email to your partner in Japan at 10am EST, but chances are very low that they get back to you immediately because it's 12 o'clock midnight there. We are very aware that for almost all global companies, time difference is one of their biggest concerns.

Research Panel Asia (RPA) has taken this issue seriously and we are now earnestly working on solving this. April 2010, RPA has established an operation center in Manila, Philippines to support our clients around the clock. Currently, our pricing team operates 24 hours on weekdays. We are now aiming to expand our project management coverage as well. The first step is to officially cover all seven days a week by mid 2011.

To give a quick overview about RPA's operation center, it is based in Ortigas, the second largest business district in Manila, and is currently under operation with 12 operators. Having English as their second language, they are able to understand easily the clients' requests and inquiries and so are able to respond quickly and coherently. For us, client-satisfaction is the top priority hence we work very hard to offer the service more than expected for the clients. Being results-driven and having many fresh ideas, RPA's operation center continuously seeks better ways to improve the daily operation to meet our clients' needs.