Dec 12, 2012

Highlights from the 2012 TMRE Conference

Written by: Diane Wagner

Having recently attended and exhibited at TMRE in Boca Raton, FL (November 12 – 14), we always like to share highlights of our experiences here on the RPA Blog.  

With Rie Nagai at our TMRE Booth
Of course, networking is always key.  In this case, we met lots of cool folks.  For me, just two of them were Katie Clark of Diversified Business Communications (aka @InsightsGal) and running into Kristin Luck, an undisputed MR leader.  

I met Katie by chance in the elevator going down to The Research Club Event held on the Kathleen Windridge Yacht. Then, while mingling, I heard someone explain, “Insights Gal!” at which point I realized that she’s been who I’ve been following for #mrx tweets for several years now.  Kristin, meantime, moderated a Panel Discussion on “Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Tools and Techniques for Getting in the Game.”  Fitting, she talked about how she founded a networking group called Women in Research (WIRe) for just for that purpose – to help women in MR network and find mentors for their careers. I’ve since joined the LA Chapter of Wire and went to my first event on December 3rd at the House of Blues on Sunset (cool venue!).

And while networking is always important, I have to say that one of the presenters really made a lasting impact on me: Guy Kawasaki (former chief evangelist of Apple, co-founder of and best-selling author).  His speech was based on his recent book (his tenth!) called Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions.

So how can YOU be enchanting? Smiling throughout, Guy shared many tips – here, my Top 5:
  1. Likability! Think Sir Richard Branson.  Smile like you mean it – crow’s feet and all. 
  2. Trustworthiness.  Trust others first.  Like Amazon does with Kindle books (they give you a week to return any eBook even though, in theory, you could read it in that time), Zappos does with shoes, and, of course, Nordstrom does with returns.  Bake, don’t eat.  Eaters think of life as a zero sum game (life is limited).  Bakers think of it as unlimited (“I can always bake more”).  Bakers are more trusting.
  3. Tell a story!  Stop using “paradigm shifting” stuff and use words that matter.  Calories versus miles (tell people how many miles they have to run to burn off that Snickers and you get their attention versus showing them the calories on the bag).  Sell your dream by telling people what it means – to them.
  4. Want to see the Best. Marketing. Movie. Ever?  Rent Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” … this movie has it all: Marketing, WOMA, Mentoring, Social, and Delighting the Customer.
  5. And maybe, most importantly, for those of us in MR, let’s rein in the PowerPoint, people!  10 slides maximum!!!  In 20 minutes max!!!  Using 30 point font!!!  Hallelujah, Guy.
And, finally, while I can try to share the experience here, I think no one else perhaps can tell the TMRE story better than my fellow Asian sample specialist (and friendly competitor), Nelson Davis, via his photos.  Here, enjoy his 910 photos in 5 links.  Bravo Nelson!


  1. Diane, thanks! Yes, we are fellow Asian sample specialist (and very friendly competitors - I work for AIP) - There are many panel vendors covering Asia, and many of them are terrible. But like I always say, I never have anything bad to say about RPA (yet)! Both our companies are great at what we do; you would not go wrong hiring either of us - though my biased opinion would be for anyone out there to hire us!

  2. Diane- great post! I feel like I was there...Informatative, interesting, thought provoking. THANKS again for the post.

  3. Wow, thanks Diane! Great recap and so flattering to be mentioned. It was such a pleasure meeting you!